The Brown Bag Series is a lunch and learn series by HeadHunt, which aims to inspire working professionals to learn new skills and gain competencies to level up their careers.

In the 5th Brown Bag Series, we will be focusing on empowering professionals with skills that would help increase productivity in workplaces, gain a better understanding on skillsets to aid company transformation, and help with transferable skills to improve career mobility.

Brown Bag @ one-north / Science Park Series

[6 May – one-north] Leveraging IoT for Business Transformation – NUS ISS

Dr. Sarita Singh
Senior Lecturer & Consultant
Institute of Systems Science, NUS

The Internet of Things will be the defining technology trend of the new decade and will impact virtually every industry vertical, permeating into a vast majority of business processes. The future Internet will comprise not only of millions of computing and software services but also trillions of smart, digitized objects, thereby making IoT the most important component of digital transformation. The session focuses on how IoT realizations can enable, drive, accelerate businesses, create/change opportunities and thus ensure, enhance productivity and care of consumers and organizations.

[13 May – one-north] Innovation by Design Sprint: A Hands-On Crash Course – SUTD

Associate Professor Arlindo Silva
Engineering Product Development (EPD)
Singapore University of Technology and Design

Innovation and Design are two frequently (mis)used words in almost any context. However, they are still very meaningful to both academy and industry, regardless of sector. This talk will touch on several misinterpretations of the words “Design” and “Innovation” and will convey a more meaningful way of discussing, analyzing and implementing strategies.

Innovation by design embraces a new paradigm where design innovation crosses every discipline, domain and sector, not just in the somewhat superficial “design thinking” kind of way, but going deep into the processes that companies use to develop their products and services. Examples of research currently under development in the MEng in Innovation by Design at SUTD will be presented.

[22 May – Science Park] Transforming Adversity Into A Competitive Advantage – Sage Mediation

Mr Aloysius Goh
Chief Executive Officer
Sage Mediation

Global disruptions have severely challenged the status quo. Adherents to traditional business models and practices have found themselves confronted with novel situations which challenge their progress. We will be using this session to share how participants and businesses can adapt and develop effective strategies to spot growth opportunities during adversity.

[27 May – Science Park] Workplace Collaboration: Enhancing Team Communication with NLP – Peacemakers

Professor Joel Lee
Training and Development Advisor
Peacemakers Consulting Services

In the name of efficiency and productivity, the people connection is often neglected in the workplace. Yet, most of our work environments require us to interact with and connect with other people. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of how humans take in, store and process information. Understanding NLP will assist participants in communicating and connecting with others more effectively. Through presentations, stories and activities, this session will introduce participants to the NLP Communication Model, the 4 Rules of Communication and the Systemic Rapport Model with the goal giving participants some tools that they can immediately apply.


One North & Science Park :
6 May, 13 May, 22 May, 27 May

Changi Business Park :
3 June, 10 June, 17 June, 24 June

Raffles Place :
1 July, 8 July, 15 July, 24 July 

Tanjong Pagar :
22 July, 29 July, 5 August, 12 August

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