Date : 15 February 2023
Time : 1:15pm – 2:00pm
Speaker : Dr Liu Fan – NUS-ISS
Location : Capital Tower (Level 9) – In Person (Also available on Zoom)

The HeadHunt Postgraduate Fair – Feb 2023 (19th Edition) aims to provide professionals with an understanding of how postgraduate education and continuing education programs can support their career advancement and personal growth.

The above Masterclass Talk is part of the HeadHunt Postgraduate Fair held at Guoco Tower. Click here for more details on the Fair

For our Masterclass Session on 15th Feb (1:15pm), Dr Liu Fan from NUS-ISS will be speaking on the topic of MRT Platform Crowd Analysis.

MRT Platform Crowd Analysis

Speaker :
Dr Liu Fan
Lecturer & Consultant, Software Systems Practice

Speaker Profile :
Linkedin Profile

Synopsis :
Singapore is one of the most densely populated country in the world. Reliable and cost-effective public transportation system plays an essential role in Singapore economy. In 2014, the government of Singapore launched its Smart Nation initiatives. It is an initiative to harness Info-Comm technologies, networks and big data to create solutions to bring better life to Singaporean. The contribution of this presentation is two-fold: (1) Create a real time dashboard to monitor train platform crowd status; (2) Create a classification model to predict the crowd level of each MRT station. The multi-classification model is trained using random forest and SMOTE (Synthetic Minority Oversampling Technique).

This presentation uses various types of data including train station information, weather information and train platform crowd levels collected from different data providers such as LTA, NEA and OneMap to monitor MRT platform crowd level in real time. The monitor system is built on top of a big data framework. Big data ecosystem is established as follows:

  1. Apache Flume and Kafka are used to ingest real time data;
  2. Spark Streaming reads and processes the streaming data from Kafka and write the processed data into HBase;
  3. Spark SQL and Hive are used to transfer data from HBase to MySQL;
  4. Tableau is used to create real time dashboard to monitor and visualize MRT platform crowd status.

Masterclass Talk Schedule – 15th Feb to 18th Feb (45 Min)

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