Date: 28 July 2023
Time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Format : Virtual via Zoom
Speaker : Dr Xiong Peng

The Brown Bag Series aims to help Singaporeans gain new skills and competencies to level up their careers.

The Critical Core Skills Workshop (July 23) is a 6-part series organised by HeadHunt in collaboration with the Lifelong Learning Institute to help Singaporeans.

For our Brown Bag Session on 28th July, Dr Xiong Peng from NUS Business School will be speaking on the topic of Storytelling with HR Data.

Storytelling with HR Data

Speaker :
Dr Xiong Peng
Senior Lecturer
NUS Business School

Synopsis :
Data analysis technologies are becoming increasingly important in Human Resource Management. In this class, we will discuss a real HR dataset and use various analytical tools to uncover some insights, such as if there is discrimination in the workplace.

Critical Core Skill (CCS):
Sense Making

What is Critical Core Skills ?

Transferable soft skills and competencies critical for employability and career mobility

Critical Core Skills (CCS) comprises of 16 competencies across three skills cluster, that workplaces deem essential. They are:

  • Thinking Critically: Cognitive skills are the root of technical skill development and progression. It is needed to think broadly and creatively to see connections and opportunities during change.
  • Interacting with Others: Learning from others is an effective way to acquire new skills, exchange ideas and build a shared understanding of a problem or situation.
  • Staying Relevant: Managing oneself effectively and paying close attention to trends that impact work and living, to provide the strategies, direction and motivation for technical skill development.

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Critical Core Skills Series – Workshop Schedule

  • 11th July – Social Intelligence: A Lost Art | CCS : Collaboration
  • 14th July – Self-Regulation: Learning from Athletes | CCS : Self Management
  • 17th July – What Skills to Build | CCS : Learning Agility
  • 21st July – Unlocking Impactful Communication Strategies | CCS : Influence
  • 25th July – Creative Confidence Through Positive Psychology | CCS : Creative Thinking
  • 28th July – Storytelling with HR Data | CCS : Sense Making