Date: 12 April 2023
Time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Format : Virtual via Zoom
Speaker : Dr Mei’en Lim, Clinical Psychologist

HeadHunt, in partnership with Workforce Singapore, has put together a 12-part series to help Singaporeans gain new skills and competencies.

The What I Need Series is crafted to help executives move forward at their workplaces, with an emphasis on acquiring life skills and gaining exposure to different industries.

For our session on 12th Apr, Clinical Psychologist, Dr Mei’en Lim, will be speaking on the topic of Managing Workplace Stress.

Managing Workplace Stress

Speaker :
Dr Mei’en Lim
Clinical Psychologist, PhD

Synopsis :
Our ability to understand our stressors and effectively manage them impacts our work productivity. Frequently, our work is also affected by others’ ability to manage their stress. In this session, you will learn skills for self-management and how to down-regulate stressful environments. 

Profile :
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