Date: 8 May 2023
Time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Format : Virtual via Zoom
Speaker : Mr Adrian Chan

HeadHunt, in partnership with Workforce Singapore, has put together a 12-part series to help Singaporeans gain new skills and competencies.

The What I Need Series is crafted to help executives move forward at their workplaces, with an emphasis on acquiring life skills and gaining exposure to different industries.

For our session on 8th May, Organisational Psychologist, Mr Adrian Chan will be speaking on the topic of Building Resilient Leaders at the Workplace.

Building Resilient Leaders at the Workplace

Speaker :
Mr Adrian Chan
Organisational Psychologist

Synopsis :
This talk helps leaders understand and build resilience in the workplace. It explains the key traits of resilient leaders, provides techniques for managing barriers to resilience, and recommends strategies for building resilient organisations. 

Profile :
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